Learning to Fly

When I told my class we were starting a classroom Twitter account, they were VERY excited!! I showed them their current school account, as well as my own, and gave them a few pointers about what “followers”, “retweets” and “likes” meant(they seemed to be well versed on what “hashtags” mean). We decided to use a name that identifies us that you are welcome to check us out YQRClassroom @MYVI2018 but SPOILER ALERT we haven’t “tweeted” anything yet. In the following weeks I plan on encouraging their ownership by giving them opportunities to write the tweets. This may be a question they have or comment about what we are learning with the intention of linking to the Nine Themes of Digital Citizenship focusing on communication, literacy and etiquette. I will be leading the tweeting so to speak. If you are new to Twitter this website can give you the basics Twitter 101.


Next up on my exploration of Social Media apps, I decided to ask my students what apps they currently use. A few mentioned Snapchat but the most common app was YouTube. At first I even questioned if YouTube was even a “Social Media” app but after further investigation, I discovered that it sure is!!

How do I use YouTube as a platform to engage the learners in my classroom? I already use videos in Math and Science but I have never created anything myself. Well, the first thing I did was search for videos that could help me out. This video that I found from Edutopia explains the basics of how to use YouTube but I am left with questions about how I can create videos that will have an impact on learning. Well I now have a direction……find the tools that will help me CREATE my own videos on YouTube. How do I do that?!?! Further investigation and probably some bumps in the road are anticipated. I guess I am “learning to fly, but I ain’t got wings”(Ode to Tom Petty RIP).


3 thoughts on “Learning to Fly

  1. This looks great! I love the idea of having your students tweet and using a class account as a way to learn means that it won’t be connected to their names. YouTube is so big right now I’ve only used it a few times for university I just can’t jump on that train yet but good luck I hope you learn lots.


  2. I’m looking forward to seeing how you will use Twitter and Youtube. I followed your Twitter account so hope to see it become active. Make sure that you add a bio/description of the account as well as an image before you start tweeting as it’s more likely that people will follow you.

    I look forward to watching these pieces progress as we get deeper into the course!


  3. I think it’s great that you will be engaging your students in using Twitter, and I like how you plan to connect your tweets back to the elements of digital citizenship. I only started using Twitter this semester and have already learned so much from it – I can only imagine what kind of learning will take place in your classroom for your kiddos! Looking forward to following along!


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