No WiFi?!?! No Hay Probelma

Have you ever taken a digital break from all social media apps, emails etc?? How did it make you feel…..anxious, less connected to your friends or even the world?? Well I just spent the last week in Mexico and WiFi was not included so instead of paying $55 USD per device my husband and I decided to take this time to be disconnected on our devices.

I totally understand that this is much easier to do while on vacation surrounded by your new surroundings and occupying your time with eating, swimming and beach activities. The only use I had for my phone was for music, as a camera and as a clock(which I rarely cared what time it was). So I  reflect on how I felt being disconnected and if it had an impact on my routines after returning home.

Travelling with another family meant we spent a lot of time together and I didn’t even have time to watch TV!! That’s right… news, no Survivor, no “This is Us” episode(although I knew this would be recorded at home). While I felt that I really wasn’t informed with the current happenings in the world, I also felt like “ignorance was bliss” and considered what do I really need to to know that would impact my life right now?

Our friends did pay for WiFi and when we asked what they were using it for, they replied with playing an online golf game, Candy Crush and checking/updating Facebook.  I am not on Facebook but I am on Instagram and as I was taking pictures of my family throughout the week I thought about posting them later on Insta(which I still haven’t). I later found out after returning home that our circle of friends knew about some events-like the kids decorating cakes in their chef hats-before I was able to tell them about it. Who has the right to disclose the events in your life? My friend never asked my permission to post any pictures that may have included myself or my children on Facebook so who can control their own “Digital Identity” when others could be? Should moments in your life be kept to yourself and not posted? Does that make them more or less special?

SO has this “Digital Break” had an impact on my daily life after returning home? Will I stop watching TV?? Of course not!! Am I more aware that I am using my phone to “check out” instead of relaxing or being present with my family-YES!! After checking my email and finding almost 100 emails where there was about 4 that were important, do I need to reduce or unsubscribe from a lot of them-YES!! Even looking at who I follow on Instagram and Twitter makes me want to question-what the purpose of following them is, do our needs change over time and do we need to have a “Digital Detox” to refresh our Digital Identity? What do you think?



2 thoughts on “No WiFi?!?! No Hay Probelma

  1. Great post! I think it is so important to have these times where we unplug and just be present with our families and children. I find that I feel anxious the first few days and then I really enjoy it! I think that it really allows us to reflect on why we do use all of these social media apps and allows us to consider a good digital detox like you said! We are heading to Mexico as well at the end of the month and I already am looking forward to some time unplugged!


  2. Candy Crush on vacation!? I’m glad you had the chance to disconnect. My husband and I recently visited Cuba over February break for our honeymoon, and he had bet me before we left that I wouldn’t be able to give up my phone while we were there. With little access to wifi, I felt as though I was able to shut off for a decent amount of time. However, I finally gave in when the sense of anxiousness that I had about being away from our school when school started back up on Monday set in. I am taking another course through UR Courses as well, and I felt the need to check in there to make sure that I wasn’t missing out on important information. While I do see this as being a negative thing, having to have access to my phone to not feel anxious, I think that part of this has to do with the fact that productivity in our worlds has shifted from being retrained to a particular location, and now that we have the ability to work wherever, whenever, we become a bit addicted to making sure we are getting what we need to get done, done.
    Thanks for sharing!


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