What’s your Superpower?

Hey you………yeah you!! If you are reading this then you are using your media literacy skills!! Right now you are probably thinking should I read the rest of this, is this going to be worth my time, will the information be valuable or even reliable, who wrote this, is this based on opinion or fact? These are all very good questions to ask yourself while you are “deconstructing” the information you are reading. According to Andrea Quijada in this TEDx Talk, “once students know how to deconstruct media, they have gained a superpower”. As educators, we need to encourage our students to think critically about the media they are experiencing in their everyday lives.


What IS media literacy you ask? Well, this article suggested by Erin, not only explains WHAT it is but also WHY it is important. We all are users and consumers of different kinds of media that are all around us but you can’t believe everything you read, watch, or hear so asking questions while your brain is receiving information is a skill that needs to be taught and practiced.

How do we explore this topic with our students? Dani suggested this video would be a great place to start:


What are other ways that we can be “literate” in this world? Well, beyond being media literate, physically literate or even mathematically literate, I think we also learn to be “socially literate” by learning some social cues like taking turns and giving people personal space. Anyone remember this guy?


As educators, we know that increasing our students’ skills in media literacy is important to navigate through their journey in life. What are you doing to build media literacy superpowers?


2 thoughts on “What’s your Superpower?

  1. As far as my own superpowers go, I certainly need to begin by making an active effort to be more critical of the messenger. I am as guilty as the students I teach of taking the credibility of certain media producers for granted. The level of sophistication we see with these kinds of sponsored articles is something else, isn’t it?


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