Concluding Contemplation

Final thoughts on Final Project:

You Video, I Video, WeVideo!!

What is WeVideo you ask??

Well, it is an interactive tool where you can record and edit your own videos. OH ok, how can I use this in the classroom?

Kids these days look up to “YouTubers” as role models and I wondered how I could tap into this kind of learning to engage my students in a safe, online way? Well, let’s just say I am not ready for my own YouTube channel BUT I am having fun making my own videos which Regina Public Schools has a license for. The videos are saved in my Google Drive and can be shared with my students via Google Classroom-love that feature!!

Here is a quick video that explains how to use WeVideo.

I made a series of videos for math with each one on a particular multiplication strategy. I love how easy it was to edit, add music and transitions to the video. My students LOVED watching me on video and this was something I will definitely try to use in other subject areas.

Check it out:

I also discussed how I used the app EDpuzzle in this post “Exploration of EDPuzzle” to assess student understanding while watching videos. This blog EdTech Awesomeness (love the name) highlights how you can use this tool to:

  • flip your classroom
  • differentiate your instruction
  • encourage creativity and mastery of content
  • engage learners instead of being passive consumers of information

I would recommend trying this to any teacher in elementary or high school as you can control how difficult you make the content.


I chose both of these apps based on the ability to integrate them with the Learning Management System that I already use-Google Classroom. I am mindful of how much we are asking students to access with all the different tech tools available and I LOVED that both of these apps were easily accessible to my students through their “home base” that they were already familiar with.

The final piece of my project was starting a classroom Twitter account which I discuss the beginnings of in this earlier post. I expected all my parents to be excited about this new communication tool but was met with some resistance and concerns. This mostly stemmed from students pictures online and the fear of online bullying which after we discussed what my intentions were, their initial concerns were eliminated. I can see the potential for connecting with other classrooms and experts around the world and agree with Jana’s post “Going Global!” that in today’s world we must show our students how to connect globally. I can see the great potential of using this tool to connect to others and wanted to empower my students to find their own voice to create their own tweets. This is definitely an ongoing project that needs modelling by the teacher and encouragement(and reminders) for the students that their thoughts or questions are worth sending out to the world. I plan on continuing this project for the rest of this year and hope we make some new connections with other classrooms and individuals from around the world.

This old gal did learn some new tricks and going forward I will continue to add to my “tech toolbox.”

EC & I 832 that’s a wrap!!



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