Screencastify Review

In this week’s class, Alec shared a few of the tools out there for online “instruction creation”. There are SO many tools and more added all the time so we can’t be expected to be an expert at all of them BUT is there is a tool that can be used to provide meaningful instruction in an engaging way? This also needs to be easy enough for both the instructor to learn how to use and the student to utilize as well.  I decided to explore the Chrome extension Screencastify to find out more about its features and how I think it could be used in the classroom. There is an easy to follow video about how to set up here.

Basically, Screencastify can be used to record your screen and your voice(or your own image with a webcam) so you can either create the content(slideshow, GoogleDoc, etc) then record yourself talking about it or you can find the content on the web and use it to capture the screen. There is also this helpful video I found which takes you through the steps to record your first video:


In the chapter from this week’s reading byTony Bates entitled 7.1 Thinking about the pedagogical differences of media

 He suggested these 5 critical questions to ask about teaching and learning in order to select and use appropriate media/technologies:

  • what is my underlying epistemological position about knowledge and teaching?
  • what are the desired learning outcomes from the teaching?
  • what teaching methods will be employed to facilitate the learning outcomes?
  • what are the unique educational characteristics of each medium/technology, and how well do these match the learning and teaching requirements?
  • what resources are available?

These questions should not only be asked before using technology but while using it as well as reflecting on it after the fact.

What is one tool that every teacher should know about?


4 thoughts on “Screencastify Review

  1. Thanks Wendy for you thoughts on Screencastify. Have you tried it in your class? I think it would be great for me being ConnectedEd as I could send lessons to kids who are not here with me at the time I am teaching. I am wondering if I could do math lessons on it, kind of like Khan Academy. I also wonder if my kids can make teaching lessons from it? Lots to consider. I will have to spend some time checking it out.


    1. Hey Wendy,
      I just tried Screencastify for the first time. I was wondering if the paid for version would be better than the free version. I could only do videos for 10 minutes maximum. I wonder if school boards could invest in a subscription?
      Just some thoughts!


      1. I’m sure the paid one is better-they always are-lol!! I’ve only used it for around 5 minute videos. I would suggest WeVideo if you’re with Regina Public Schools we get added space. You can create content or pick stock pictures & music on WeVideo so it is different from Screencastify. Check it out. Good luck!!


    2. Yes you could do math lessons but I think they would have to be quick 5 minute ones. They don’t let you have a lot of time on the free version. I have also used WeVideo to make a series of “multiplication strategies” videos and I loved how I could add graphics and music to it. You can also send your WeVideo to Google Classroom if you use that as a LMS. The free version only gives you a limited amount of space too but there are templates and green screen videos so kids love to make their own!! It might be worth looking into.


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