Stop, Collaborate & Listen

When Alec asked us to blog about the “socialization of learning” the lyrics “Stop, Collaborate & Listen” came to mind. Do you know what song I am thinking of?

How are teachers creating and encouraging interactions for and with our students which is an essential part of learning?

The article by Bates described Online Collaborative Learning(OCL) as a particular form of constructivist teaching where learning is defined as conceptual change and is key to building knowledge.

How have I encouraged and supported this kind of learning in my own classroom?

First of all I try to develop a “community of learners” through a variety of team building activities at the beginning of the year. Then I allow my students many opportunities to collaborate on assignments and projects throughout the year. I use Google Classroom as my LMS and students can make comments to each other or about assignments using that platform. I have also incorporated a classroom Twitter account which you may follow “YQRClassroom” where students create the tweets about what is happening in our classroom.

OCL includes three key phases of knowledge construction:

  • Idea generating
  • Idea organising
  • Intellectual convergence

When reflecting on the first online module that I created for Human Body Systems, I provided the purpose for compiling information in a group work scenario but I see now how I would like to provide opportunities for more discussion and peer to peer feedback not just teacher to student feedback.

The OCL model definitely has me thinking about how I currently use the LMS because of it’s convenience but I wonder how I can create opportunities for transformative learning that develop the essential skills like critical thinking, analytical thinking, synthesis and evaluation in my students? I will keep this in mind as I develop the second module for online learning.



4 thoughts on “Stop, Collaborate & Listen

  1. Hey Wendy! Yeah getting students to collaborate with each other can really be beneficial not only for them, but also us! Sometimes it still surprises me to hear students come up with ideas together, especially when I have previously thought maybe they didn’t have prior knowledge on a subject.


  2. Will the peer to peer feedback be online or face-to-face? I love trying to build a “community of learners”, every class is different and getting some kids to buy in can be very difficult. How do students respond to twitter?


  3. Hi Wendy, if you do not mind me asking, what do you have the students comment on? Has this been a positive or negative experience? I am looking to start this, but I am a little hesitant.


  4. How do you entice your students to use Twitter? I know that’s not the preferred choice of some students. I have a social 9 that I got to make accounts and will be trying with current events soon. Have you explored wakelet – great tool to curate tweets and more


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