Always Learning, Learning All Ways

This course has made me both question and at times affirm my own beliefs about online and blended learning. I have always had a personal interest in technology and have always tried to implement it in my own classroom. What Alec has facilitated throughout this EC&I course is not only encouraging you to explore new techy tools but also to question the reason that it is the best practice for the learning needs of today’s students.

I loved using something I was familiar with combined with trying something new. I feel like this is a nice balance for me. I used a familiar LMS Google Classroom to put together a Course Prototype based on the Grade 5 Science outcome on the topic of Human Body Systems.

While creating my Course Prototype I questioned my first intentions of creating the modules for an entire online learning experience for each individual student. After the discussion on the socialization of learning, I was reminded of how important the social aspect is on the learning experiences of our students. This affected the design of my second module. The Course Profile outlined my intentions but it is the final result that I am very proud of and can not wait to actually use in my classroom later on this school year. Check out my run through of the course here.

Through the many discussions during this course, I have been more thoughtful about how to use technology in meaningful ways to not only facilitate the learning but to inspire the learner. I have considered what the message is and how the learning will take place for those students who may need accommodations to meet their learning needs. We need to be mindful what students will learn and how they will represent their learning in an individual way. I hope to continue to be open to exploring new and creative uses of technology in order to not confine the learning for my students but to provide them the freedom of expression and the ability to reach their full potential in new and interesting ways.


3 thoughts on “Always Learning, Learning All Ways

  1. Hi Wendy! I think you really nailed it at the beginning of this post – Alec does a great job not only introducing the tools but also letting us know why or why not to use them. I really appreciate the candid approach that is taken. I had the pleasure of reviewing your unit and I just want to say that you have done a really great job. It’s so professional, easy to navigate and covers the content in a really creative and engaging way. Congrats! πŸ™‚


  2. I really enjoyed looking through your course prototype last class and I think you summed it up very well in this post too. You make a great point to address that we need to embrace technology but not just use it because. There has to purpose to technology and I agree with you! Alec does a great job letting us explore new tools, but also critique them at the same time.


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