Final Project Proposal

I have seriously been thinking about what to do for my final project all week. The hard part is not thinking of an idea, for I have had plenty of those, but rather narrowing it down and deciding what options you are going to put your time and energy into.


This had me thinking about what I am currently doing and where I can improve. Everything I plan and create usually falls under the window of increasing student engagement which led me to thinking about my use of Google Classroom I have been using it but haven’t added to it to utilize the full capabilities of this Learning Management System

SO for the first part of my “Personal Journey Into Media” project I would like to explore apps that can be integrated with Google Classroom for educational purposes. This article includes quite a few possibilities and I will have to narrow it down after further investigation.

The second part of my project will incorporate how to build “Digital Citizenship and Media Literacy” through a class Twitter account. I plan on creating the account to increase parent communication and to empower my students by using the account to model appropriate online behavior while connecting with other classrooms both locally and globally.

What do you think? Have any advice for me?


Social Media: Are we more connected or less connected?


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For my first Blog post for my EC&I 832 course, I ask the question are social media options helping us to be more or less connected?

I have at times felt more in touch with friends from afar by sharing photos on Instagram about what is happening in our lives, but have also felt lonely while looking at pictures of people I don’t even know who are having a more exciting Saturday night than I was. A study in this article found that social media is making us feel lonelier.

Then there are ways we are building connections like the time I used Twitter to connect with a Meteorologist to ask what kinds of clouds were in the sky while learning about Weather and was answered minutes later. This was unimaginable at the beginning of my teaching career(which gives you an indication of how long I’ve been at it). To be able to access experts from around the world is definitely making our classroom more global.

This article has some good points about how social media has changed the way we communicate and how social media is evolving to try to provide more meaningful human experiences. In this ever-changing digital world that we live in, what will they think of next? How will they tap into our emotions or senses to give us real life connections?

What do you think? Is social media making you feel more or less connected with others?